5 reasons to choose Cornilleau Ping Pong Table

5 reasons to choose Cornilleau Ping Pong Table


All Cornilleau tables are conceived, developed and manufactured in France, in the very hub of the business, in Bonneuil-les-Eaux in the Oise department.. Tacteo and Nexeo rackets are also made in France.
In our 10000 sqm manufacturing plant equipped with advanced technology we are able to conceive tables from scratch, create and distribute tables of the highest quality.
It is our know-how and constant drive for innovation that made the tables’ top reputation for more than 40 years. A highly efficient manufacturing process and thorough quality control add another layer to the competitive advantages of choosing the brand Cornilleau.



Cornilleau guarantees its tables against any manufacturing defect for a period of 3 years. This guarantee is extended to 10 years for outdoor table panels, while the Crossover Outdoor tables warranty covers the entire table (except for wheels, posts and nets).
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All our tables adhere to the European Safety Standard. Nevertheless, in order to ensure the highest level of safety, Cornilleau has positioned itself a long way above this standard.
Most Cornilleau table are equipped with a centralized locking system making the opening and the closing of table very easy. The ‘DSI’ safety system has 16 locking points, the table is perfectly locked whether it is opened or closed and provides extra safety measures preventing the table to fall or to fold back on its own. It is clearly the highest safety level on the market.


By choosing a Cornilleau table, you are entitled to order spare parts of your table model for at least 10 years and to get quick delivery. The complete list of spare parts available is shown on the installation guidelines.
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It’s in 1969, in the Cornilleau family’s carpentry workshop that were produced the first 300 tables. It was the beginning of an unusual story in the world of Table Tennis. Cornilleau has grown up to be a world leader in high quality table tennis products thanks to very innovative concepts such as using compact laminate panels allowing Ping to be played outdoors and the ‘Compact Technology’ concept combining greater ergonomics, safety and design. Nowadays, a complete range of products for leisure and competition is available in more than 75 countries around the world.